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Music Collector

Music Collector organizes all your physical and digital music
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Music Collector is a program that allows the user to organize and categorize their digital music collection. The application integrates the user's local music library.
After the user has added a folder with music files, the program downloads all regarding information on the album/track (album cover, track list, etc). One of the notable program's features is the "Loan Album" option, which allows the user to register a borrowed CD and then manage the loan (Loaned to...,Loan Date,Due Date, Return Date).

This is helpful for those users who have a large collection of loaned CDs and can't keep track of all of them properly. To keep track of physical CDs the user can connect a Barcode scanner and read all the information from a CD booklet, just like CD stores keep track of their inventories.

Another interesting feature is the statistics report, that is generated from the local music files and added albums. The user can see a general yet detailed report on his music library by genre. The quick view offers two graphic presentations: Pie and Bars.

The application contains sample music, that allows the user to listen to the database tracks while updating information on other albums. It is fully compatible with mobile devices (iPhone, iPhone touch, Android).

Augusto Rivera
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  • Statistics by Genre. Available for mobile devices


  • The price increases, if the user wants to buy a barcode scanner
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